About Nathalie

I am an experienced accredited practitioner (practicing since 2006), a graduated therapist, certified hypnotherapist, but above all, I am an extremely proud mum to two most amazing children.

My son, E, 28, was the text perfect baby, till we hit the "sudden sevens", as I call them. No one had warned me about those, though, after my daughter's early years, even the sudden sevens were relatively tame.

My daughter, J, 26, was such a challenging, independent, lively and stubborn child, that I am convinced she is the reason I got into, and love, parenting work. If you can't beat them, join them, the saying goes...

I feel that the "terrific twos" (no terrible in this vocabulary) were my daughter's way of life, from 9 hours old! She definitely has taught me to think outside the box.

I thank you both hugely, E and J, for the best years of my life!

I am based in the UK, near Stamford, Lincs, UK.

I am a French citizen, from Lyon. I came over after my degree, in 1990.

I offer sessions in both English and French.

I have been working for a UK council since 2008, in hands-on roles, as I love practicing, with youth offending, and since 2019, in social care crisis/edge of care interventions.

As a specialised practitioner with a passion for parenting coaching and support (City and Guilds qualified in Working with Complex and Multiple needs families), I thrive on helping people realise their full potential, prioritise their wellbeing, and enable change.

This whole experience has allowed me to further develop my skills, with adults and children alike, in some very difficult circumstances, and at very difficult times of their lives.

My career:

2019 to today, Crisis specialist practitioner in a children and family social care team

Working intensively with young people and their families when the adolescents are within 24 hours of going into care, and homeless teenagers.

Parenting coaching is one of my passions, I am qualified in "Working with Complex and multiple needs families".

All my work is bespoke and specifically adapted to the needs of that client/family.

One of the aims is to build and strengthen families, and keep young people at home and out of the care system, as much as safeguarding allows us, working on the issues the family may be experiencing. For example mental health, addictions, social pressures, sexual and/or criminal exploitation, county lines, education, housing, amongst other issues, building on positive outcomes for the future.

2008 - 2019, Youth Justice parenting officer

I created and developed a bespoke way of working multi-agency, with the complex needs of prolific young offenders' families.

I assessed, planned and delivered strategies and programmes, including techniques to help parents and children address issues, develop and build trusting relationships.

2004 – 2008, Parenting consultant

Parenting consultant for a London based charity. As the charity was sold on, I went self-employed.

I supported families with important transitions from primary school to secondary school with parents and young people.

I created and delivered programmes on topics specific to child rearing. For example drug and alcohol awareness for parents, puberty, how to tackle difficult conversations, routines, boundaries...

I am particularly proud of having created a programme for male prisoners that are parents who were about to be released back into the community, to manage their own expectations and their children's expectations, help them understand how their children had carried on growing while the parent was incarcerated, how to repair the time lost, and build strong relationships again.

I also provided parenting advice in the prison creche, to incarcerated mums from 18 year old and their babies up to 18 months old (limit of the prison).

1996 – 2007, Owner and active manager of a day nursery

Based in an urban location, catering to a diverse clientele.

This allowed me to build on my knowledge of Child Development and Early Years.

1992 - 1996, Manager at Thomas Cook, in Travellers Cheques.

I was responsible for running a 24 hours/7 day service worldwide call centre, multi-lingual team, providing crucial support in needs and emergencies of travellers cheques being stolen or lost.

During this time, I led the team through several significant disasters, like a cruising ship sinking, another pirated, and natural disasters.

I assisted in fraud investigations on a regular basis.

I actively was involved in the recovery of extremely large amounts of money in blank travellers cheques from multiple banks in Rwanda, by meeting and leading conversations in French with the heads of the banks, during the Rwandese genocide, so the moneys were not used any further for buying weapons to be used in the genocide.

1991 – 1992, Manager of a recruitment agency

I started on Temporary client placements, moved to Permanent clients placements, and became the agency manager within 6 months.

1990 - 1991, General manager (GM) of a pub, hotel and restaurant,

having started as restaurant manager (my love and knowledge of food and wines, on top of very regular experience of hospitality in great restaurants from home got me that job!).

I was promoted GM within 6 months.

1989 - 1990, Personal Assistant (PA)

to the Chief Executive of multiple companies, worldwide, covering a maternity placement (full time while studying for my degree).

This assignment came through as I finished first of year where I was studied for my Baccalauréat, and trained as a PA, with shorthand and all aspects of a PA role, in the same finishing school as the regular post holder had trained in, hence the placement.

This post was in both English and French, dealing with every aspect of PA work, to a very busy CEO.

I converted all the typing and filing onto MacIntosh (Apple) computers, created templates and files for it all, to bring the company up to date with IT.

Till 1990, Education up to degree level, in France, and I came over to the UK straight after my exams were over, to start a life in the UK.

All the experiences I have had, and specifically from 2008 when I joined the youth offending service, where I was heavily involved with developing and encouraging engagement of clients' trust in talking therapy have led to the conclusion that talking therapy is amazing, but not enough for many people.

This interaction and work could take place over an extended period of time. Anything from hours to weeks, to months, to years, of intense work between client and practitioner, and services alongside (such as Probation, Police, NHS, schools, social care, CAMHS/mental health, Court) and in some cases, the outcomes were limited and some lost very quickly...

This yielded very little long term solutions or permanent solutions, or evidenced and sustained changes in behaviour.

Training in Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) has brought me this solution, and given me that privilege to deliver this very rapid permanent result to you.

It is undeniable that any therapy needs the client to be a willing participant.

Please be aware that the success of any treatment requires the person being receptive, and open to change.

This does not replace medical support and/or help, however it would/could be complimentary to a holistic pathway.