What clients have said about their session with Nathalie:


"If you are lucky enough to have Nathalie be your therapist, you are in for a treat.

When I sat down with my problem , I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t think anyone could help me.

She made me feel completely at ease and reassured me that I was safe with her. She had my back. So we started.

I was in hypnosis. She was asking me questions to help find the root cause of my problem. I went to three completely and utterly unexpected scenes from my past.

I had forgotten about those moments in my life, therefore, I was emotional.

Nathalie made me feel exceptionally calm. I was relaxed. Her voice was soothing and gentle. I trusted her so much that another event came to me and took me by surprise. It was an event I never spoke to people about. It was buried and repressed deep inside me quietly poisoning me. I had no idea that it was linked to my presenting problem. Nathalie guided me through it like an Angel.

I knew she was there for me and I opened up. I bared my heart and its scars. She effectively tended to my wounds and soothed my heart. She understood my pain and helped me release it. She helped me confront my ‘demons.’ She helped me understand how they no longer belonged in my heart. Suddenly, they were insignificant and I could let go of them. It was a revelation and a massive relief.

She then touched my forehead ever so gently. I was immediately comforted. I felt a beautiful, peaceful and serene blue light flow into me. I forgot all about the pain. It was gone and instead tranquillity replaced it. She then empowered me, armed me and bestowed me with happiness, confidence and above all, love.

My whole body was overflowing with it.

It was the most amazing, wonderful, and exhilarating feeling I have ever felt.

Now do you understand when I say you are in for a treat? She has got the kindest, the most gentle and the biggest heart that I wanted to bask in all the peace, love and tranquility she has surrounding her. I did not want to leave her side.

See, I didn’t realise those things were mine to keep now, forever.

As I write this testimonial, that euphoric feeling is still with me even after ten days and I know wholeheartedly that I can tap into it whenever I need or want to. I am healed.

Nathalie healed me by showing me why I had the problem and how to let go of it.

She showed me that I am worthy of a peaceful and love filled life. She showed me that I am enough. For that I am eternally grateful to her. She is a phenomenal therapist"

H.W, London, U.K.



Please see below my testimonial after my 1 RTT session and a therapeutic boost.

Thank you for all you've done for me.

The sessions were amazing and have helped me so so much!

I feel lighter and bright about my future.

Big love M xxx

“I am 56 and after many years of low self esteem, ill health and major stress I reached burn out. I was diagnosed with ME/CFS a year ago and had to stop working.
I came to Nathalie for RTT as my chronic fatigue was affecting my life dramatically and my ability to work and enjoy life was disappearing.

Nathalie was incredibly professional, empathetic and warm. I felt instantly at ease to discuss my situation. The sessions were a safe space and I was amazed by how relieved, relaxed and different I felt immediately afterwards.

I felt an immediate shift inside me and although it’s hard to articulate in words I felt relaxed, at peace, energised and lighter.

I have listened to my transformation recording every day since. I am now at day 16 and I feel such an improvement in my daily energy and focus already. My outlook is noticeably more positive and family have noticed too.

I am no longer stuck thinking about past experiences or spending time ruminating about them. It has been amazing to gain so much from the sessions. I am now looking ahead instead of back.

I fully recommend Nathalie as an RTT therapist and RTT as a therapy. It is life changing and deeply healing.

Thank you Nathalie for all your reassurance and support. My RTT sessions with you have improved my energy, given me emotional peace and I feel optimistic again.”

M.R (South East U.K.)



"Nathalie made an excellent session on me. She’s an extraordinary RTT therapist. Her session has helped me to face a difficult time in my life.

I was feeling during that period of time very inadequate, sad, without energy and loss.

During my session I felt so much care by Nathalie. I felt safe.

Since my session, I have noticed that I can focus much more on my duties and I’m feeling more confident and happier.

And I’m able now to enjoy my duties instead of being anxious.

I’m quite sure that without your amazing RTT session, I couldn’t get enough tools to bring up my strength in order to face that situation.

After 3 months, I’m still feeling confident, stronger and with a lot of energy.

I enjoy a lot hearing her transformation record. Because it brings me into a peaceful state.

Her session means a lot for me. Thank you Nathalie."

U.B, Barcelona, Spain


"Hi Nathalie,... since our session I didn't smoke. Thank you so much. Stay Amazing! X"

A.O, nr St Albans, U.K.



"La séance d'hypnose m'a apportée beaucoup de tranquillité.

Je me sens très calme, aussi bien dans mon corps, mais surtout dans mon mental, mes pensées sont très calmes, en paix, je ressens une plénitude, mes pensées sont sereines ;

je ne ressens aucun stress.

Mes pensées sont en pause.

Je ne rumine plus, je me sens recentrée.

Je ressens une très belle sensation de grandeur, mes douleurs ont disparues, mes émotions négatives sont absentes, un très grand apaisement de toutes mes tensions, je me sens plus zen"

C.D, Paris, France



Testimonial of extra package aftercare/therapeutic boost.

Absolutely amazing, it feels like I have just had a full complete body massage. I feel cleansed deep inside.

I feel completely relaxed.

K.D, Cambridge, U.K.



Dear Nathalie,

When you work with Nathalie, you feel her kindness, you feel held, listened to and secure from the first exchange with her.

She is passionate and has an incredible talent to help, improve and transform with the topics we are working on. Her words are spot on for the best results. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Thank you so much Nathalie.

F.I, Strasbourg, France