Why we need therapy

We reach out for a therapist when we are struggling mentally, emotionally, physically and even sexually.

Some of the common reasons as to why we need the assistance of a therapist include depression, anxiety, addiction, loss and grief, relationships issues, family issues, sexual issues, food issues, unhelpful repeating patterns, when we experience overwhelming emotions or destructive behaviours, that impact on our ability to engage and enjoy life, in a productive and fulfilling manner.

Some of the symptoms we may experience might include:

  • feeling depressed

  • feeling stressed

  • feeling overwhelmed

  • feeling constantly worried

  • feeling incapable of coping or seeing a solution

  • feeling worthless, insignificant, unloved

  • eruptions of anger and or violence

  • self-imposed removal/isolation

  • lack of interest in life

  • lack of self belief, worth, love, confidence

  • lack or no sense of purpose

  • life seemingly working against us

  • fears

  • sleeplessness

The list would be enormous, so book a 20 minute free no obligation consultation call, and we will discuss your needs.