Emotional wellbeing, Therapeutic boosts, Empowerment, and Coaching

Those sessions are an excellent way to either try hypnosis and discover its amazing powers, in a totally empowering way, or after a full RTT® session as a beneficial way to have a little top up, or a positive session, empowering session, even an introduction to hypnosis, as those sessions are under hypnosis.

No regression here, so we do not review scenes/the past.

When do you use it? Let's say you are about to face your presenting problem, i.e. public speaking, meeting a triggering family member, going to a party when you have been keeping yourself away from people, this session would help you with all positive affirmations.

If we have done a session previously, we will use all the information that we already know, and anything most up to date and relevant, will be added.

If it is without a session, we can do affirmations that we have discussed, and make them so powerful that you feel you can take on any challenge.

We discuss your needs, I advise you on the best length of session, and you select,

. 30 minutes (£45),

. 45 minutes (£67),

. 60 minutes (£85),

. 75 minutes (£112).

I also offer you an empowering, tailored recording for a particular issue ~(£90) for the whole process. This is effectively a transformational recording. This is very successful too, even without an RTT® session.

Contact me to discuss this and book your session.

"First you make your beliefs and then your beliefs make you" Marisa Peer.