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Practitioner: Nathalie Crittenden-Lopis, Your Therapy.

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I waive any right to payment for the use of the Testimonial (and/or photographic/ videographic likeness) save for use beyond the purpose set out in Paragraph 1 of this Release.

I have the right to revoke this release at any time, by providing written notice of my revocation.

I understand and approve the disclosure of Testimonial information (and/or photographic/videographic likeness) and any information contained herein in its public relation efforts.

I waive the right of prior approval and hereby release Nathalie Crittenden-Lopis from any claims for damages of any kind, in the use of this Testimonial or information in this Testimonial (and/or photographic/videographic likeness).

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. I acknowledge that this Testimonial may contain my personal data and that it will be shared with the public for marketing and other purposes set out in Paragraph 1.

. I also understand that I am entitled to access this personal data held by Nathalie Crittenden-Lopis, Your therapy, and where appropriate, make requests including for the correction or deletion of my personal data.

. By signing this form, I consent to any personal data contained in the Testimonial being shared publicly by Nathalie Crittenden-Lopis, Your Therapy, and stored in accordance with the GDPR/ applicable Data Protection Regulation.

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